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Policies and Procedures


Financial Regulations 2020

Financial Risk Management 2023

Standing Orders 2023

Investment Policy 2024

Small Grants Policy 2020


Application for Small Grant 

Statement of Internal Control 2023

Petty Cash Policy 2021

Code of Conduct 2023


Freedom of Information (FoI) Publication Scheme

Information Protection Policy May 2018

Retention of Documents Policy May 2018

Data Usage Policy May 2017

CCTV Policy 2020

Data Protection Policy 2023

ICO Model Publication

Access to Information Policy 2024

Privacy Statement February 2024

Recording, filming and reporting of public meetings Policy 2023


Complaints Procedure 2022

Complaint Form

Unreasonably persistent and/or vexatious contact or complaints/complainants 2021

Sickness Absence Policy 2020

Equal Opportunities Policy 2023

Health and Safety Policy 2022

Disciplinary and Dismissal Policy 2020

Training and Development Policy 2021

Dignity at Work/Bullying and Harassment Policy 2021

Lone Working Policy 2022


Community Engagement Policy August 2021


Pandemic Scheme of Delegation August 2021

Scheme of Delegation 

Legionnaire’s Disease: Management and Control Policy

Co-option Policy

Allotment Management Policy

Major Planning Applications Protocol.

Planning Application Procedure

Biodiversity Policy 2024

Stack of Magazines


The Council maintains a set of policy, procedure and reporting documents to help it carry out its duties effectively and to comply with regulations.


These are all available here in PDF format.

Financial Policies
Staffing Policies
Privacy and Data Policies
Miscellaneous Policies
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