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The Council

Loddon Town Council is a pro-active, non party political organisation which works within the overall structure of local government representing the Parishioners of Loddon.

The council is made up of eleven councillors who are elected every four years.  It has four part time employees in the office – the Clerk, and the Responsible Financial Officer, the Admin and Allotment Officer and the Neighbourhood Plan Project Officer. The Council also employs a Parish Warden.


The Town Council’s work can be divided into two areas; statutory duties and community functions


The statutory work involves liaising with organisations such as the Broads Authority, Norfolk County Council and South Norfolk District Council, consulting on planning applications and development.


The community functions include addressing local issues and undertaking projects to improve the community.


The Town Council meets on the second Wednesday of each month (excluding August).  Members of the public are always welcome to attend the meetings and are given the opportunity to address the Council to express opinions or ask questions.  


Anyone meeting certain criteria (such as living within three miles of the parish) can stand as a Town Councillor if there is a vacancy.   If you are interested in finding out more, please contact the Clerk.

Loddon sign


Local Government in Loddon is provided by three tiers of council.

Norfolk County Council
The County Council covers the whole of Norfolk and provides the majority of public services in the area.
The County Council is responsible for: education, highways, transport planning, passenger transport, social care, libraries, waste disposal and strategic planning.

South Norfolk District Council
The County is divided into several districts. District councils, which may also be called borough councils or city councils, cover a much smaller area and provide more local services.
The District Council is responsible for housing, leisure and recreation, environmental health, waste collection, planning applications and local taxation collections.

Loddon Town Council

The Town Council is the third tier of council serving the Town. It has a range of very local responsibilities and services

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