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Neighbourhood Plan

Loddon and Chedgrave are producing a Neighbourhood Plan and are looking for interested people who would like to play a part in shaping the future development in the community.


"A Neighbourhood Plan is written by the local community, the people who know and love the area, to ensure the community gets the right types of development, in the right place." (

A Neighbourhood Plan is a community-led document for guiding the future development of an area.   

The Loddon and Chedgrave Neighbourhood Plan will be a document created by local people that sets out planning policy for the two parishes. It will help protect things you care about in our community, as well as make improvements to the local area. For example, it can set out how buildings should look, and for what they can be used. It can also help to encourage the kind of development local people would like and the services, facilities and employment opportunities needed for the future.

​A neighbourhood plan carries the same legal weight as plans drawn up by local planning authorities; South Norfolk Council must follow what’s in the finished neighbourhood plan when making decisions about planning applications in Loddon and Chedgrave.

The Chet Neighbourhood Plan website is now ready to view. Visit

The recently received Examiner's procedural letter and questions can be viewed here

For more information about Neighbourhood Plans visit


Steering Group Meeting Dates 2023

04 January 2023                                            16 August 2023

01 February 2023                                           06 September 2023

01 March 2023                                                04 October 2023

05 April 2023                                                  01 November 2023

03 May 2023                                                   06 December 2023   07 June 2023                                                   


The Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group meets on the fourth Wednesday of the month, 7.00pm at the The Hollies Rear Hall.



If you would like further information or wish to get involved by joining the Steering Group or volunteering with the Neighbourhood Plan, please contact the Project Officer on 01508 522020 or email

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