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Test Twice a Week to beat Covid

5 July 2021


Test Twice a Week to beat Covid

Everyone in Norfolk   is being reminded to get tested for Covid 19 twice a week, as case numbers   continue to rise in the county.

While Covid 19 cases in   Norfolk remain low by national standards, at 26.7 cases per 100,000 compared   to 149 across England, the rate has climbed by 13.3 per 100,000 over the past   month and Public Health are reminding residents of the testing options open to   everyone, including those who have been vaccinated, to help monitor and   control the spread of the virus.

Dr Louise Smith, Norfolk’s   Director of Public Health, said: “Even with the vaccination programme going   well, we all have to remember to get tested: it’s just as important as ever.   While the vaccines do an excellent job of mitigating Covid symptoms and avoid   hospitalisation, even those of who are fully vaccinated can still catch and,   worse, transmit the virus. To protect our loved ones and our communities, we   need to continue to get tested.

“Getting tested regularly   goes hand in hand with Hands, Face, Space as the best way to slow the spread   of Covid and keep case numbers down.”

By taking two symptom-free   Covid tests a week, Norfolk residents can help monitor how the virus spreads,   and receive early warning of any new infections, helping slow the spread by   isolating as soon as a positive test result is received.

To book a Covid test in   Norfolk, visit:

Cllr Andrew Proctor, Leader   of Norfolk County Council, said: “The fact Norfolk has lower case rates than   most of the country shows that most people are doing their part to protect   themselves and others, but with case numbers creeping up it’s no time to get   complacent. Regular testing not only helps NHS Test & Trace track the   spread of the virus, it can also give us the peace of mind to go about our   lives knowing we’re not endangering others. By getting in the habit of   testing twice a week we can all do our part to protect each other and protect   Norfolk.”

Symptom-free testing is   available in a number of ways, allowing residents to choose the testing   method that is right for them.

Symptom-free testing (also   known as rapid testing or community testing) uses lateral flow device tests   (LFDs).  Lateral flow devices tests do not require a laboratory to   process the test; the sample is applied to the lateral flow device's   absorbent pad, then after 30 minutes visually shows a positive or negative   result.

Testing can be observed by a   trained professional at a range of community testing venues across Norfolk,   or on one of Norfolk County Council’s mobile testing units; it is free, takes   less than 15 minutes and the results will be ready after 30 minutes.    The trained personnel will read, record and upload your test result onto the   NHS Test and Trace system, and you will be notified by email/SMS/NHS COVID-19   app of the result.

Alternatively, free Covid 19   LFD tests, designed to be done at home, are available for anyone in Norfolk.   These can be ordered online or picked up free of charge from any pharmacy or   library in the county with no advance booking needed. Once a self-test is   carried out, residents must upload the result to NHS Test & Trace even   with a negative result, to help track where the virus is and is not   spreading.

Employers can also request   Workplace Surveillance Testing. Norfolk County Council has various ways to   support symptom-free testing for all sizes of businesses.  The best   method may depend on how many employees a workplace has, with more details   available on the Symptom-free testing webpage above.

Anyone who has Covid 19   symptoms – including a high temperature, a new, continuous cough or who has   lost their sense of smell or taste or seen it change, can book a PCR test   online at:

Anyone with symptoms and   everyone they live with must immediately   self-isolate: do not leave home until test results have been   completed, except to post a test kit or to attend a PCR test appointment.

Where   to get a symptom-free test

All   libraries and pharmacies in Norfolk stock these test kits, which can be   collected from any of these sites without any advance booking. Find your   nearest site at:

Alternatively,   these kits can be sent directly to your home. You can order one pack of tests   per household each day online at:

Each pack   contains seven tests, which will last an individual three and a half weeks,   with testing carried out twice a week.

Anyone who   has Covid 19 can book a PCR test online at:

If you   develop symptoms, you must get a test done in the first 8 days of displaying   symptoms, and results are most reliable in the first three days, so it is   vital anyone who is symptomatic does not wait before getting a test.

Anyone   with symptoms and everyone they live with must immediately self-isolate:   do not leave home until test results have been completed, except to post a   test kit or to attend a PCR test appointment.

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