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Permissive Footpaths in Loddon

14 September 2021

Permissive Footpaths, Dog Walking, Walking

Permissive Footpaths in Loddon

We are pleased to report that following a meeting with the landowner, the permissive path from Loddon Marina to Pyes Mill is now passable. Please take care on this path, especially on the bridges, as remedial works are still required to bring them back into full use.

The permissive path from Pyes Mill to Holy Trinity Church is also open. Please respect the landowners wishes and keep your dogs on leads, especially where animals are grazing or there is wildlife.

We are advised that the meadow behind Holy Trinity Church will have ponies grazing on it. Please do not feed the ponies and ensure you pick up after your dogs, as this can be harmful to animals.

There are bins available for dog waste in the following locations: Pyes Mill Car Park, Car Park entrance on Church Plain and adjacent to the Staithe Car Park.

Our thanks go to the owners for their continued support in keeping these paths open to the public. However please be mindful that these permissive paths are on private property and failure to use these pathways respectfully may result in future closures.

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