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new volunteering opportunities

25 April 2023

2023 Volunteering

new volunteering opportunities

Last year we launched an exciting new volunteer platform Get Involved Norfolk. This has become the go-to place for Norfolk charities and organisations to advertise a huge variety of opportunities, from Craft Workshop Volunteers, Hedgehog Carers, Trustees, Events Volunteers, Digital Champions, Board Game Club Leaders and a huge amount more – there are currently over 400 roles and something to peek everyone’s interest!

It has also become the go-to place to search for a volunteering role. One of the charities advertising here has reported doubling their volunteers since advertising on this free platform.

So this may not be ‘New News’ to you…but what is new is the Corporate Volunteering page – LIVE THIS WEEK!

We thought you may have opportunities within your local area suitable for teams. Maybe a community garden that needs clearing? This is the ideal place to advertise a ‘project’ that could take a team maybe a day or 2 to complete or at least make a significant impact. Many organisations now offer their staff Employer-supported volunteering (ESV) – paid time during their working hours to volunteer. To meet the need for enquiries, we’ve created this addition to the Get Involved Norfolk site. Maybe have a chat with your teams or local community groups to identify an area that could benefit from ESV support. 

The other new page is The Big Help Out. We want to take this opportunity to encourage residents to think about coming together as a community, meet like-minded people and make meaningful connections. 

If you have events arranged for The Big Help out, we would like to support you in advertising these via our social channels. You can either tag us in or send the details to

Hopefully together we can promote the many opportunities and benefits volunteering can have within our communities. 

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