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My Norfolk, My Voice gives young people across Norfolk a chance to have their say

15 November 2022

2022, Children's Services

My Norfolk, My Voice gives young people across Norfolk a chance to have their say

Thousands of children and young people across Norfolk are expected to take part in a new survey to help local services improve their communications work.

The survey, being run by the Children and Young People Strategic Alliance (CYPSA) and available on the Norfolk County Council website, aims to help leaders in local public services gain a better understanding of how children and young people in Norfolk want to be involved in decision-making about issues that are important to them.

The results of the survey will used by a wide range of organisations to help develop ways to engage children and young people and gather their views on a wide range of topics over the coming years.

John Fisher, NCC member for Children’s Services, said “We know that listening to those affected by our work can help us make better decisions. We recognise that young people have challenges, questions and views that are unique to them, and also that the way they consume information and want to take part is constantly evolving. I’m grateful for every opportunity I have to speak to young people in Norfolk so that I can better learn how we can support them to flourish. If you’re under 25 years old then please fill in the survey and share it with your friends. If you work or live with young people - in a school, informal setting, or as a volunteer, parent or carer please take some time to support them fill in the survey and make their voice heard.”

The survey has been created in partnership with groups of young people in Norfolk, including the DRAGONS (Disability Real Action Group of Norfolk) and Youth Advisory Boards. A member of Norfolk’s Youth Parliament said “Young people are not the future, we are the now. Our voice is central to making Norfolk a better place.” The Youth Advisory Boards have said “Young people should use their voice to become part of something bigger than yourself and that genuinely improves the lives of other young people as well. Using your voice pushes you to experience new things and grow as a person. Surveys like this are really important as what young people think, feel and experience changes all the time.”

The Children and Young People’s Strategic Alliance (CYPSA) is a partnership of agencies that work with children, young people and families in Norfolk. The Alliance’s shared ambition is for Norfolk to be a county where all children and young people can flourish, working together to make sure that everyone in Norfolk can achieve their potential and live rewarding, happy lives.

The survey is available at and can be completed in around 10 minutes. Resources including guidance and a slide deck have been created to help adults support young people to complete the survey. An easy read version of the survey is also available for younger children and those with additional needs.

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