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Flourish Awards launched to celebrate best projects for children and young people in Norfolk

20 June 2023


Flourish Awards launched to celebrate best projects for children and young people in Norfolk

Nominations are now open for the first FLOURISH Awards, hosted by the Children and Young People Strategic Alliance (CYPSA). These awards will celebrate the most outstanding contributions made towards enabling children and young people to live their best lives in the county.

Any project, team or organisation can be nominated by members of the public, or a professional with the winners being decided by a panel of CYP made up of members of Norfolk Youth Advisory Boards and other CYP groups.

Visit to make a nomination. Nominations are open until 31st July 2023

Eight Flourish Awards will be given, each based on an area of young people’s lives that they have told us is important to them (Family and Friends Award; Learning Award; Opportunity Award; Understood Award; Resilience Award; Individuality Awards; Safe and Secure Award; Healthy Award)

Cllr Penny Carpenter, NCC Cabinet Member for Children’s Services, said “We’re delighted to host the first of hopefully many FLOURISH Awards to celebrate the incredible work taking place in Norfolk to support children and young people. There so many people, teams and projects who offer so much to children and young people, whether its opportunities to learn or work, empowering children and young people to live safe, healthy and happy lives.

“If you want to see a project, person or organisation celebrated at these awards then nominate them! Whether you work there, have benefited from their work or seen the impact they’ve had in your local community, anyone can nominate a project. It could be a school, charity, business, team or individual; the only criteria are that they work with children and young people, they’re based in Norfolk and have had done something amazing!”

Sara Tough Chair of CYPSA, said “The FLOURISH Awards are designed to celebrate the amazing people, projects and organisations in Norfolk that are supporting children and young people. Whether that’s through mentoring, career opportunities, health provision or anything else, so much takes place across the county to be a place where children and young people can flourish. We’d love to receive your nominations for the different categories so that we can ensure we are supporting the widest possible range of people, teams and projects from across the County .”

Since March 2022 organisations have been invited to make a Flourish pledge, outlining their ambitions to develop new resources, opportunities or events to help children and young people in Norfolk flourish. To date almost 200 organisations in Norfolk committed to making a pledge and any are still able to do so at Examples of this impact include Thorpe St. Andrew Town Council dedicated park space for neurodiverse children and young people and the James Paget Hospital creating career opportunities for CYP with ASD.

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