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Don't Mow, Let it Grow

9 June 2021

Don't Mow, Let it Grow

From Helen Sibley, South Norfolk Council (SNC);

SNC are making some changes to the way they manage their public open space in Loddon. Affected areas will be;

Leman Grove

Harvey Green

Gilbert Grove

Filbert Road

The Staithe

Pyes Mill

SNC are working in partnership with the Chet Valley B-Line project to improve the diversity of thier open spaces in Loddon, which South Norfolk Council own. They will be reducing the frequency of grass cuts to allow the plants to flower and set seed. This will provide more nectar for pollinating insects and help increase the biodiversity of the area. They will continue to cut along the edges of footpaths to prevent vegetation encroachment. The area will be mown at the end of the growing season and raked off to reduce soil fertility, which encourages more wildflowers.

Loss of pollinators is not only a conservation disaster but also has huge economic consequences for agriculture. The B-Line idea is part of the National Pollinator Strategy and provides corridors of pollinator-friendly habitat to facilitate their dispersal and survival in a changing environment. This local B-Line is a link in the national network and will play its part in helping.

SNC will be encouraging the local community to get involved with monitoring the wildlife in these spaces and the management. If you are interested in getting more involved, please contact Helen Sibley; hsibley@S-NORFOLK.GOV.UK, or the Chet Valley B-Line project at

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