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Confidence Boosting Covid-19 Testing in the Rural Community

20 September 2021


Confidence Boosting Covid-19 Testing in the Rural Community

For some time now COVID-19 self‑test kits have been available free of   charge in Norfolk from pharmacies, libraries, and by ordering online.    These are for individuals to use at home and for small businesses.    Self-tests, while not absolutely definitive, should give individuals a degree   of confidence they are COVID-19 free.

However, many residents of our rural parishes are far from these sources of supply.

So, starting on Monday September 20th two changes are coming. 

The first is Mobile Library Collect. An additional source of tests will become available via the Mobile Libraries which traverse, indeed criss-cross, the rural parishes of Norfolk visiting each one at least once per month. Simply, turn up and collect self-test kits.

The second is Neighbourhood Collect. Staff of local councils and group leaders can get up to 25 boxes* of COVID-19 self-test kits from libraries and mobile libraries to give out either to those who have less access to testing in their local council area, or to their group members to help give assurance they are meeting again in a safer environment. Please note: details will be collected   such as, name, local council, group name, postcode, etc, and the tests must be stored between 2-30 degrees Celsius.

Hopefully, these two new schemes will give added help to those on the wrong side of the digital divide and to those who are too frightened to come out and resume a more normal life in the   community.

* There are 7 tests per   box designed to last 3.5 weeks assuming twice weekly testing.

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