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Community Covid Update

24 September 2020

Community Covid Update

I last wrote to you in July on what had been dubbed ‘face covering Friday’. In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago…although just two months have passed since. During those two months, we’ve enjoyed greater freedoms and getting back to doing the things we used to… with covid-19 secure measures in place of course. 

We’ve always recognised the challenges that lockdown and the following of social isolation rules had on people; their social time with friends and family, work, schooling and mental health. There’s no denying it was tough, but a move that was necessary to protect each and everyone of us from this deadly virus…which unlike the summer weather…remains with us.

 The Prime Minister announced new restrictions on Tuesday in a bid to tackle rising cases of coronavirus. From the start of the outbreak in March, the prospect of a second wave of infection has been somewhat inevitable. So, while these measures may have come as a surprise to some, I think many of you would have been expecting them.

 Our communities have done a sterling job in keeping themselves and our county safe and I have no doubt that commitment will continue with these and any future measures. Experience has shown us that the overwhelming majority of people in Norfolk take their responsibilities in controlling the virus seriously and I thank you for that. 

With rising cases this is an important time for the country and for our county and we all need to play our part to keep Norfolk safe. In his speech, the Prime Minister underlined the vital enforcement role we, as police, will play in this. 

We will continue to work with communities to help people adhere to the regulations. Our approach to these measures continues to the following the four Es. We will engage, explain and encourage, and when required we will enforce these restrictions.

 Yesterday, officers attended an illegal gathering in the Haymarket in Norwich. More than 80 people were present and a woman in her 30s who was arrested for refusing to provide her details to police was later issued with a £10,000 fixed penalty notice.

 It is clear from your feedback that you want us to police these health regulations appropriately and deal with those who are resistant to the following the guidelines. We will of course continue to be measured and fair in our approach. However, those who don’t follow the rules and refuse to listen, will be dealt with. Coronavirus is a problem for us all and it isn’t going away. We need to continue to work together to keep each other safe.

 Many thanks; Assistant Chief Constable Julie Wvendth

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