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Local Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

7 December 2023

2023, South Norfolk Council

 Local Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects

Sharing on behalf of South Norfolk Council:

We would like to make you aware that we have created some new webpages on the Planning page of Broadland and South Norfolk Councils website, relating specifically to local Nationally Significant Infrastructure Projects (NSIPs) within both districts.

We wanted to help our communities find quick and easy access to information regarding NSIP’s and this was the driving force behind the webpage. It was fully appreciated negotiating the Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project website hosted by the planning inspectorate, can be time consuming, and often difficult to find the documents people actually want. The website will be continually updated as part of the project to ensure access to the most relevant information is provided.  The page will hopefully be useful for all stakeholders, including the community, political members and parish councils impacted.


Here you will find the following information:

  • ‘About Nationally Significant      Infrastructure Projects’ which explains what they are, the Development      Consent Process and the Local Authorities role.

  • ‘National Policy’ which      provides links to the governments new National Planning Policy Statements.

  • Specific NSIP projects by type:      National Highways Schemes; Offshore Wind Farms and Electricity.

These pages give an overview of the project, including which District host the project and what stage they are at in the process, with links to key documents and information, particularly the Development Consent Order as made (if determined, which contains the requirements (conditions) attached to the consent), land plans etc. and to the developer’s website.

Additionally, the contact details for Orsted and Vattenfall, are available on the specific project pages, for communities to contact them directly regarding issues and concerns in respect of any works that are taking place.

There will be a mapping tool displaying the offshore windfarms and Norwich to Tilbury routes, this has yet to be developed and added to the web page.

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