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Loddon's Market Charter 

Our grateful thanks to Loddon History Group for providing Loddon Town Council with information relating to Loddon's Market Charter and a copy of the Market Charter from 1306. The Market Charter can be downloaded free of charge from the National Archives (reference number below).

A copy of the Market Charter can be viewed by clicking on this link.

The 1845 Whites Directory states:

The Chief Manor was granted by Roger Bigod Earl of Norfolk to John Segrave, 

on condition that he should serve him with 6 knights, as well in time of peace as war, for the term of his whole life.

John Segrave obtained for it a charter for a Market and Fair in the 28th of Edward 1.(bet Oct 1244-Oct 1245).


The Market held every Tuesday, for corn and the fairs, for stock on Easter Monday, and the first Monday after Nov 22nd


A Hiring  Session is held at Old Michaelmas. This is mostly repeated in the 1864 White's Directory. The market is held every Tuesday for corn sheep and fairs for stock on Easter Monday, and the first Monday after Nov 22.

A copy of the Market Charter is held by:

The National Archives, Kew

Special Collections: records of various departments, arranged according to type

Date: 1306

Reference: SC 8/275/13730

Subjects: Trade and commerce



Parish and Town Councils have the right to make comments on planning applications affecting their area.

Loddon Town Council has received the Statement of Community Involvement for the proposed development on land north of Beccles Road in Loddon from Scott Properties. 


It provides an account of the meetings, discussions and events that have been held with Planning Officers, elected representatives, local residents and other relevant stakeholders in
relation to the proposed development, and can be viewed here.


The planning authority (which is usually South Norfolk Council) allows a parish council 21 days to respond to a planning application.  The application will be considered by the Town Council at the next Council meeting and will feature on the agenda as an item to be discussed.  Members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and can speak during the public participation item on the agenda to give their views on a planning application.  They are also encouraged to provide their own comments on South Norfolk Council's planning pages.


If there is not a meeting within the 21 days, the parish council is usually able to extend the time-limit.  Whilst the overall decision is the planning authority’s, the Town Council’s local knowledge, combined with an understanding of the planning process, means that its views are more likely to be heard by the planning authority, so long as the Town Council provides valid planning ‘material considerations’.


The Town Council’s comments can be found on South Norfolk Council's Planning Pages

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